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Paul Linssen

"I am very proud of the whole team"

Paul Linssen and Saskia Vreeman were the founders of Progress-PME. Over the years, the company has become a leading consultancy company in the pharmaceutical industry and health sector. With great pride and satisfaction, Paul looks back at the years of hard graft from everyone that went into making Progress-PME a success.

"Within a year, I had work for six people"
“For some years, I’d been considering setting up a good consultancy for the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry. I realised there was a need for it. In 1999, I took the plunge. My first assignments were purely technical projects and validation programmes on which I could deploy professionals from my network. Within a year, I had work for six people. This obviously involved a lot of office work in the form of administration, bookkeeping and invoicing. Luckily, I was able to leave that to my wife Saskia who set up all the administration. Without her, Progress-PME wouldn’t have been able to grow so fast. In fact, she’s still my right- hand woman.”

“All our staff have that commitment”
“In that early period, I really enjoyed being able to use my professional knowledge after all the organisation and management involved in my previous job. Now it was all about the substance again. Sometimes I did three different projects for several clients in one week. That taught me a lot. This experience enabled me to identify with the customer’s situation very quickly. This is very important to me. I can only perform well if I really feel part of the client’s organisation, which is why I’m quick to say ‘we’ and ‘us’. This mindset requires me to be totally dedicated to the project and the end result. I have this dedication, and all our staff have it too. This is the reason Progress-PME only recruits skilled, independent and experienced people, who we can confidently send to the client. I think this is the key to our success.”

“We have great respect for one another”
“We cherish our people. They are the ones helping our customers and they are our business capital. I am enormously proud of the team. I really enjoy seeing them all during our monthly meetings. These are the rare moments when the employees meet each other ‘live’, have a chat and catch up, find out about each other’s projects and share knowledge and experiences. There are many commonalities and great mutual respect. That’s great to see.”


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