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Octaaf Bos

Octaaf Bos, a.i. CEO of Progress-PME: ‘We are ready for the future.’

Progress-PME, an independent project management and consultancy firm for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries, wants to grow to be able to offer a broader range of services to its clients. To achieve this, a new three-person board of directors has made the organization future-proof.

Progress-PME, a company from Hoofddorp, is doing well. The company provides knowledge-intensive services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare industries. To grow further and continue to offer clients the best quality, Progress-PME has adapted its organizational structure during the spring of this year. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Octaaf Bos explains, ‘We want to focus on the primary process, meaning our clients and our 47 professionals. Additionally, we want to bring young talent into the management team so that we, as an organization, are ready for the future.’ 

Twenty years ago, the company started as an engineering firm. Since then, it has expanded substantially. Bos says, ‘We still offer engineering services, but now we also offer services related to e.g. project and interim management, chemistry manufacturing and control (CMC), validation, lean six sigma/opex, and quality assurance. To capitalize on the growth opportunities within our sector, we must make sure that our organization is able to do so. That is what we have done.’

The structure of our organization has been tailored to the primary process that focuses on clients and employees. We have appointed a three-person board: a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a Chief Operations Officer (COO) and a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), supported by a Director of Sales and a Director of Operations. Four of the five positions have been filled. Currently, the director of sales role is still vacant. The former CEO and founder of the company, Paul Linssen, will continue to be involved as the chair of the general assembly of shareholders. 
‘The new structure has brought us closer to our consultants and ensures that we can support them when they need it,’ explains the new COO Oscar Smit. ‘This helps us work more effectively and efficiently, while ensuring that we visit our clients more often.’ As the new director of Operations, Mark Vollebregt connects the professionals and the organization. ‘I am the main point of contact for all consultants and self-employed persons. I also support them in their development.’

 As a result of the internal reorganization, not much will change for the clients. 
‘I am still a trusted point of contact for clients,’ says the recently appointed Chief Commercial Officer Edwin van den Bos, who primarily focuses on external relations due to his new role. ‘While we are still looking for a new director of sales, the rest of the employees at Progress-PME are still the same and our clients still receive the high quality that they expect’.

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