My direct colleagues

Edwin van den Bos

Chief Commercial Officer


Edwin has 28+ years’ experience within the bio-pharmaceutical industry. In 1990, Edwin started work as a product developer at the CLB (now Sanquin) in Amsterdam. After completing his chemistry studies at Utrecht University, he became project leader for product development. In 1998, Edwin became head of development in the Vaccines & Sensitines department at ID-Lelystad (now WUR). He then moved to the Amsterdam-based biotechnology company SynCo Bio Partners (now Wacker), and was after a few years promoted to Manager of the department Analytical & Process Development. Within SynCo, Edwin also was appointed as project manager for the new GMP plant and responsible for the validation programme of the GMP areas, utilities and basic equipment. As Manager APD he was member of the operational management team and later became also member of the Executive Team.

Edwin has been project manager and consultant with Progress-PME since 2007 and has successfully completed several CMC projects, ranging from upscaling to GMP production, technology transfer and process validation (process performance qualification - PPQ) through to product submission. In co-operation with colleagues, Edwin has also set up a Quality by Design (QbD) and Quality Risk Management (QRM) workshop and has organised the workshop a number of times. In addition to his position as project manager, during the period 2014 to the end of 2016 Edwin was responsible as quality manager at Progress-PME for keeping the quality system according to ISO 9001 up to date and for implementing quality improvements within Progress-PME. In 2017 Edwin is became manager Sales and per February 2019 he has been appointed as Chief Commercial Officer and is responsible for marketing, acquisition and sales.


  • process performance qualification (PPQ)
  • quality by design
  • product and process development
  • CMC project management
  • technology transfer


In his free time, Edwin (1966) regularly plays tennis and can be found enjoying the snow on the ski slopes during the winter holidays. As a member of the youth committee at his tennis association, Edwin is also a supporter of youth sports and is often on the sidelines cheering his children on in their various sporting endeavours.