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Progress Project Management & Engineering and Stanwick Management Consultants have entered into a partnership that is unique to the industry. The first has knowledge of hardware, of pharmaceutical and bioprocesses and of audits and quality processes. The second has expertise in creating clever work processes. Together they can help customers to operate “lean and effectively”.

In October 2014, Paul Linssen, founder and director Of Progress-PME and Jan Provoost, (co-)owner and director of Stanwick Management Consultants have signed the partnership agreement.

Progress-PME has made name for itself in the pharmaceutical, biotech and health care industry as an independent contractor that can advise companies on equipment, facilities, cleanrooms, utilities and processes. The company knows suppliers and knows the capabilities of their hardware and use. Also, Progress-PME has extensive knowledge of quality and validation systems in these sectors.

Stanwick Management Consultants, on the other hand, has knowledge on how companies in the sector can structure their work process to optimise the interaction between people and equipment, facilities, etc. For this, the company applies among others the Lean Six Sigma improvement method.

By joining forces, Progress-PME and Stanwick can effectively analyse what work processes  and results would ideally look like and what is required to achieve this. Based on this analysis, it can be determined what equipment is most suitable.

“Customer first is not ‘just a phrase’ “

Linssen: "A common error is that companies start by purchasing hardware and subsequently adapt their processes and activities to the hardware. It is much better to reverse this process and start with the ideal work processes.”

Complementary activities, shared values and a common goal are the most important reasons for the collaboration.

Linssen: "For both of our businesses the customer comes first. And that is not just a phrase. We are committed to find the best solution for our customers. That is our starting point. And everything else follows from there.

Provoost: “Our customers are very important to us. We have that in common. Therefore we have a clear common goal in mind: provide added value for our customers in health care and pharma. And because of this collaboration, we can serve our customers from A to Z.”

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