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Hospital Pharmacy

The hospital pharmacy distributes the drugs in the hospital. Patients who have not been admitted to hospital may also receive their medication through the hospital pharmacy. Numerous drugs are prepared in the hospital pharmacy, primarily drugs that are not for over-the-counter sale. Many of the drugs available from the hospital pharmacy are made specifically for a patient or are prepared for easy administration by the doctor or nursing staff.

In 1996, the Netherlands Association of Hospital Pharmacies (NVZA), in partnership with the Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ), drew up a field standard for the preparation of drugs in the hospital pharmacy. This GMP-Hospital pharmacy (GMP-Z) is the standard for drug preparation in the Dutch hospital pharmacy. Where necessary, the GMP-Z interprets or supplements the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The status of the GMP-Z is that of a professional guideline. The first version drawn up in 1996 was compiled in close consultation with the IGZ. The GMP-Z was comprehensively revised between 2009 and 2011.

Inspection results
The IGZ has tested the GMP-Z standard during its inspection visits ever since it was accepted by the hospital pharmacies in 1997. However, the inspection results show that not every hospital has been equally successful in satisfactorily applying this standard. Hospital pharmacies are increasingly faced with situations that they cannot resolve themselves within an acceptable term. 

How can Progress-PME help you?
The advisors of Progress-PME are experts with years of experience in addressing and preventing problems in the hospital pharmacy. We can provide support relating to personnel, regulations, quality and operational issues within the hospital pharmacy.


  • improving the willingness to change
  • improving GMP knowledge and experience


  • validation and change control
  • deviations
  • self-inspection
  • documentation


  • production facilities
  • role of the quality unit
  • outsourcing of activities
  • clarification of regulations
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