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Progress-PME family event 2019 “Water and Fire”!

25-06-2019 |


Also this year Progress-PME had a super fun, sporty and educational team building event with the entire family. Since our customers regularly ask us to come and put out fires, this year the theme was "water and fire". In teams we were able to compete against each other to move water as quickly as possible with the help of traditional Dutch firefighting equipment. The fire brigade football with fire brigade sprayers was also a great success. In addition, we have learned to extinguish a kitchen fire ("flame in the pan") and how to deal with a carbon dioxide extinguisher. At the end of the afternoon there was another spectacular demonstration of the firefighters of firefighter survival (“Brandweer survival”).The youngest participants were also thought of, they were allowed to make out a fire and the ride in the fire truck was of course great. Traditionally we ended the day with a delicious BBQ. Thanks to the organization of brandweersurvival.nl, a must for teambuilding activities!

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