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Progress-PME organisational announcement

13-02-2019 |


We are very excited to announce that Edwin van den Bos has recently been appointed as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Progress-PME.

Edwin studied Chemistry at the University of Utrecht and is a seasoned senior manager with 28+ years’ technical and management experience within the (bio)pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, since 2007, Edwin has been project manager and consultant with Progress-PME with broad experience in product and process development, from up-scaling to GMP production, technology transfer and process validation through to product submissions. Since 2017 Edwin has been Manager Sales and supported in this role Alwin Voetman (Sales Director) on acquisition and sales.

Our current Sales Director, Alwin Voetman has more than 40 years of broad working experience in many aspects of the (bio)pharmaceutical industry, both as line manager as well as project manager. Alwin is very happy to support our CCO in his new role and he will also be coaching younger Project Managers and Consultants in our organization. Furthermore he will be working on training and special projects.

We would like to gratulate both Edwin and Alwin with their new positions an I’m looking forward to continue working with them.

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