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Succesfull projects

As Progress-PME, we want to deliver successful projects and services. We can only do this if we know exactly who the customer is and what the customer wants. We therefore go to great lengths to build and maintain good relationships with our clients. With your question as our starting point, we find the best person in our team to answer it, whether it concerns a project, an interim role, an advisory or audit trail or training. Our people familiarise themselves quickly with your corporate culture, allowing them to work fast and efficiently.

  • Clean room Monitoring

    For several clients, Progress-PME has specified, implemented and validated cleanroom monitoring systems.
  • The Hospital Pharmacy

    For one of our clients - a hospital pharmacy - we implemented a validated cleaning and disinfection programme of the pharmacy and...
  • String of Pearls Institute

    In the project phase of PSI, Progress-PME was involved in setting up and harmonising the associated academic biobanks from 2009...
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