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Parelsnoer Institute

Since 2007, the eight University Medical Centres based in the Netherlands have joined forces in the Parelsnoer Institute (PSI, previously the Parelsnoer Initiative). This institute aims to create an infrastructure in the academic centres for collecting clinical data and setting up biobanks at interuniversity level.

Clinical picture
PSI initially focused on eight pathological disorders: neurodegenerative diseases, leukaemia, rheumatoid arthritis, genetic colon cancer, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, cerebrovascular accident and inflammatory intestinal diseases. This number has since grown to thirteen and is set to rise in the future. The scientific data created with the aid of the above-mentioned infrastructure will improve the health of patients suffering from these disorders and strengthen the economic position of biomedical research in the Netherlands.

Progress-PME and PSI
In the project phase of PSI, Progress-PME was involved in setting up and harmonising the associated academic biobanks for three years. In consultation, we made agreements relating to the biobank process about sampling, processing, storage and issue (of bodily materials), which were recorded in a centrally approved document. During this period, we made regular visits to each location to ensure that the agreements were being properly implemented. Progress-PME kept a finger on the pulse.

Our advisers achieved the following:

  • coordinating the partnership
  • recording agreements in a biobank document approved by all the UMCs
  • drawing up documents like specifications, protocols, procedures and reports
  • performing audits, including reporting to the central management team
  • advice regarding the implementation of (parts of) the biobank process
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