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Interim Management

Interim management

Clients sometimes need professionals to finish a particular job for them within a specific time frame. In such situations, Progress-PME places people as interim managers.

Submission and execution of an improvement proposal
For one of its clients, Progress-PME successfully managed a production department on a temporary basis. Based on a SWOT analysis, Progress-PME submitted and implemented an improvement proposal. This proposal contained recommendations relating to:

  • personnel and organisation
  • quality
  • efficiency
  • maintenance and equipment

Following discussions, team building sessions and conversations with employees about their behaviour, employee motivation and attitude improved significantly. We also drew up competence profiles. Based on these profiles, several employees were transferred to different positions. Other employees received additional training to improve their knowledge level. The selection and recruitment policy was revised to focus more on recruiting new employees with the right competence profile. Two years later, thanks to all these efforts, the organisation now has a close, skilled and effective team.

Increasing transparency
Besides all this, specific measures were taken to considerably boost efficiency.

These included:

  • improving communication between employees
  • more direct guidance for employees
  • conducting processes in parallel
  • improved preventive maintenance of equipment

Appointment of a quality officer
Finally, Progress-PME improved the quality of the processes in this organisation by adjusting procedures and transferring responsibility for delivering quality to the work floor. A quality officer was also appointed to monitor the quality in the department.

The result
All this has resulted in a well-managed department where employees enjoy working, where efficiency and quality are satisfactory and where overtime has decreased. Unscheduled production standstills were quickly reduced to an acceptable level and the department is now an example to the rest of the organisation. 

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