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Lean Six Sigma

Lean six sigma is a well-known concept in today’s pharma. Originally, lean manufacturing and six sigma were two distinct improvement programs or philosophies that were first combined in one single approach around the turn of the century.
Lean manufacturing is a process improvement philosophy that identifies value from a customer perspective and designs and organizes processes that deliver right first time products, with optimal efficiency of resources.
Six sigma uses statistical techniques in a proven structured approach to increase capability of the available resources. The two philosophies are complimentary. A lean six sigma program combines both philosophies to make sustainable, tangible improvements to the current process.
Lean six sigma is most successful when embraced from the top of the organization. It is not a project, not a headcount reduction program, not a clean desk initiative and not the next flavor of the month. Lean six sigma is about improving processes, developing people and creating a continuous improvement culture in the organization. This change will not come overnight.

How can Progress-PME help you?
Do you want to solve repeated product rejects?
Do you want to reduce the lead time of your release process?
Do you want to reduce inventory without compromising supply reliability?
Do you want to align your internal communications with the flow of your primary process? 

Do you want sustainable process improvement results?
Progress-PME offers experienced lean six sigma green belt or black belt certified specialists and project managers who can help you simplify processes, reduce variation and increase the engagement of personnel. We offer:

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