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Medical devices

The medical devices industry is currently facing an increased focus on the quality of authorized and innovative products from patients, healthcare professionals and regulators.

Progress-PME consultants and project managers can provide sustainable solutions in product development, registration, production distribution and quality management of medical devices. Our engineers and Lean Six Sigma specialists can design and optimize the efficiency, reliability and compliance of your facility.

Our consultants are experienced in life science and medical devices, understand the challenges and are fully up-to-date with current developments and trends in your field. Due to this combined expertise in medical devices and drug products Progress-PME is also a knowledge center for Combination Products.

Our professionals are trained regularly and are used to adapting to the customer's quality systems. Progress-PME is ISO9001 certified and guarantees high quality consultancy. We use customer feedback to continuously improve our services.

A wide range of (bio) pharmaceutical and medical device companies have already employed our services. We offer multidisciplinary, knowledge-driven and pragmatic solutions, followed by an effective implementation phase.

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