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Operational excellence

Operational Excellence 
But how do we make it stick? How do we make sure the resources invested in the improvement project have not been not a waste of time because we’re doing things like we were used to six months ago? How do we make results truly sustainable?  This is where you, senior leader and sponsor, play a pivotal role. Only senior managers are empowered to start the lean six sigma journey and change the culture.

Every organization has it, although we sometimes do not like parts of it. Values, beliefs, habits. Written and unwritten procedures, or ‘how things are done around here’. Not all improvement initiatives last and the chance of falling in old pitfalls due to culture are real. The vision of Progress-PME is that senior leaders must embrace, sponsor, encourage and support the lean six sigma or operational excellence program. Big companies like Baxter, J&J, Merck demonstrate that cultural transformation starts at the top.

Lean Six Sigma Deployment roadmap 
This is an example of how your lean six sigma deployment roadmap could be setup.

  1. Leadership commitment. Do we have a burning platform here? Is there a sense of urgency to embark on this journey?
  2. Agree deployment plan. Prioritize with the customer in mind. Link lean six sigma deployment targets to organizational goals. Identify quick wins to engage work force.
  3. Setup project infrastructure for lean six sigma improvements.
  4. Educate improvement staff (black belts, green belts).
  5. Create ownership, empower improvement staff and delegate accountability for results.
  6. Establish communication plans.
  7. Monitor results. Nourish the early stage of the journey and improve where needed
  8. Celebrate early successes.
  9. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate
  10. Continuously improve the program

How can Progress-PME help you? 
Why choose Progress-PME for your lean six sigma journey, to remove operational waste, reduce variation in processes and to help you transform your organization’s culture to make sustainable improvements?
Because we have extensive experience in lean six sigma and we know the pharma industry like our back pocket. We know production, packaging, the QC-lab, QA, logistics, engineering and so on.
You know us from a CMC project, we executed and coordinated your validations  and qualifications, performed a QA-audit, managed your capital expense engineering project or we managed your department when you needed an interim manager.
You appreciate our no-nonsense attitude and our skills and expertise.
You will encounter these exact qualifications with our lean six sigma green and black belts. These enthusiastic continuous improvement professionals think in processes and are sensitive to both the shop floor team and the board room members. 

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