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QC - Quality control

For a quality control laboratory (QC lab) the main responsibility is analyzing samples.  Based on the results obtained, decisions can be made on the material or product quality and safety. Detailed laws and regulations describe amongst others the risks for prophylaxis’ and therapeutic drugs safety. Progress-PME specialists can support you translating these, often complex, laws and regulations to understandable, explainable operating procedures. This will help your organization to be ‘in control’.

The importance of accurate and reliable testing should not be underestimated. Based on analytical data a product will be released or rejected. After release, the product can be administered to or used by humans or animals. To ensure that the product has the expected efficacy and is safe for intended use, the analytical data should therefore be reliable. This reliability can be achieved and assured by implementing systems and methods based on risk based decisions.  Progress-PME offers experienced project managers who can support you with performing these type of activities:

Apart from substantive knowledge on QC activities, Progress-PME can also offer the following services:

In the following sections several of these items are discussed in more detail.



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