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Root cause investigation

During the weekend, or enjoying a holiday, or even in traffic, we may enjoy an unexpected event. Some of us like surprises. In pharma business, a surprise means trouble because when something unexpected happens, we are not in control. We investigate the unexpected event, incident or deviation to find the root cause(s). When the root cause is found, we try to prevent the root cause from happening again.
But all too often, root cause investigations are not executed properly and the root cause is not found. The event may re-occur and we perform another root cause investigation. We are running in circles and find it hard to step out of the tread mill.

How can Progress-PME help you?
Progress-PME has extensive experience in root cause analysis and can also help you to educate your teams on root cause investigations. Lean techniques like 5Y, Fishbone, FMEA, statistical tools are used to link the root cause to the adverse event and to eliminate the failure mode. In addition Progress-PME has developed a Root Cause analysis training based on customer needs which can be given in conjunction with your own trainers.

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