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Clients increasingly ask us to provide training courses. Our trainers have years of work experience, a practical approach and can communicate knowledge in a motivating and enthusiastic way. The training courses are developed and compiled on the basis of your needs and can be given in conjunction with your own trainers. Using (your own) practical situations guarantees a good match between theory and practice, which is recognisable for the target group. Some examples of our training:

Basic GMP training

This training is suitable for any starter in the pharmaceutical industry, and addresses the basic principles of GMP.

Validation in the pharmaceutical industry
This training is suitable for employees in the production, technical services, QC and QA departments, who come into contact with validation in the course of their work. The following subjects are addressed:

  • performing a risk analysis
  • compiling a validation master plan (VMP)
  • drawing up validation protocols
  • the practical implementation and reporting on validation studies

Microbiology and aseptic preparations
This training is suitable for employees in the production, QC and QA departments whose work involves aseptic processes and clean microbiological techniques. Besides microbiology, we also address the following:

  • cleaning and disinfection
  • aseptic techniques
  • HVAC and environmental monitoring

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
In this training, the participants learn about the OECD-GLP principles and how they can apply them in practice. This interactive training is suitable for employees in laboratories, quality assurance units and research departments who are confronted with GLP for the first time, or who wish to refresh or expand their knowledge.

GMP for project managers and technical maintenance personnel
This training looks at general principles, applied to specific situations for technical personnel in a hospital. The subjects include:

  • maintenance and calibration
  • errors, risk-based approaches
  • change control and validation of (automated) systems

A great deal of attention is devoted to how to act when only a few of the activities fall under GMP regulations.

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