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Geert van Liempt

“The knowledge we have in house is tremendously diverse.”

Project Manager
Education: Biochemistry, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
Working at Progress-PME since 2010
Interests: my two daughters and playing football

He’s convinced that he can still learn a lot from his colleagues. “I’m relatively young and can still learn a lot. I’ve got an entire think tank of colleagues behind me.”

 “I work as a Project Manager on various projects. Sometimes it’s a project I advise on, using all my knowledge as Biochemist, but I also have projects that are mainly about managing project teams. That’s why I find my work fascinating. It’s always interesting and dynamic and is never boring. It’s not like a regular job at a company because here I work with colleagues who, like me, gain experience at various organisations. This means that the knowledge we have in house is tremendously diverse. I find this extremely inspiring and I’m enjoying the fruits of this.
We meet each other at head office once a month to discuss the progress of projects. We also share knowledge with each other. I can pose questions if I face an issue at a customer or have a content question. I really value this support. I may be working alone at a customer, but I’ve got an entire think tank of colleagues behind me; colleagues with whom I enjoy spending time. We enjoy lunches and drinks together and it’s always fun. What motivates me is the work that I do for the customer and the value that I can add with my knowledge. And if the customer is pleased, I gain a great sense of satisfaction. That’s why I do it.”

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