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Inés Rodriguez-Alvarez

“My career wishes are taken seriously.”

Working at Progress-PME since 2012 
Education: Bioprocess Engineer (TU Delft) and Chemical Engineer (University of Oviedo)
Interests: hiking in the mountains and travel

She has worked as Project Manager for the same customer for some time. She has now indicated that she’d like a change of project. “Luckily that’s possible. People listen to what employees want here.”

 “I’m working at Progress-PME because I respect the professionalism of its staff. The atmosphere is also extremely tight-knight, which makes me feel as though I’m part of a family. I’m also given every freedom to schedule my work as I see fit, so I feel as though I ‘own’ the assignments I carry out. I work extra hard during busy periods and the tempo can slow down somewhat during less busy periods. It is great to be able to manage that balance myself. Since I’ve been working here, I’ve been seconded to the same client. I work as a Project Manager for an international company.
This enables me to really use my experience with people and teams from different cultural backgrounds. One of my tasks is to enable communications between different international parties. The advantage of working for one customer for a long period is that this enables me to get to know the customer well and feel like part of the organisation. This ensures that the work runs smoothly. The disadvantage is that the initial challenge slowly but surely fades into the background. Now I’m looking forward to a new assignment for a new customer. Luckily that’s possible. My career wishes are taken seriously. That’s really great because I want to continue learning in my work. I have the feeling that that’s really possible in this organisation. It is a transparent company that is free from political games, where we work hard and professionally, and where the human dimension is never forgotten.”



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