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Why Progress-PME?


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Why Progress-PME?

Progress-PME is an important player in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and health care. PME operates internationally and supplies services relating to, among others, project management, engineering, validation and quality assurance. We offer high quality services for a reasonable price and are renowned for our practical approach, no-nonsense attitude and high customer satisfaction. 

We invest in our people, their knowledge and capacities, based on the wishes and needs of the client. We use our substantial training budget to improve interpersonal as well as professional skills. Furthermore, we feel it is important for everyone to contribute ideas to new developments and services aimed at continuous improvement of our organisation.

Colleagues and work environment
The strength of Progress-PME is the interaction between highly qualified and motivated colleagues, supported by a strong management team. Colleagues help each other and share their professional know-how by regularly evaluating projects and sharing experiences. After a training period, you become part of a close-knit and enthusiastic team.

As a consultant with Progress-PME, you can be placed in various roles depending on your field of expertise. We can involve you in projects of varying sizes in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, healthcare, food industry and related sectors. Projects may be national or international in character. We offer you plenty of freedom to work independently from the start. 

What will you be doing?
In many cases, you will develop, implement, validate and evaluate projects independently. As a project manager, you will be responsible for implementing a new process, product, procedure or quality system, for example. Alternatively, as an interim manager you may manage one or more departments, such as production, QA or QC, process development, engineering, etc. Additionally you might perform a GAP analysis, risk assessment or audit and work on developing and presenting customised courses and training sessions.

Advice and decisions
During projects, you will also advise our customers in various areas. You will give the customer several options and explain which one you would advise. However, if a customer takes a different decision, you accept it but are also willing to warn a customer if you feel that this choice entails risks. If you are not entirely sure about something, you can always consult experienced and expert colleagues.

What do you radiate?
Progress-PME staff are selected on the basis of experience, professional knowledge and communicative skills. You are familiar with current guidelines and you are able to give feasible and practical advice. You are proactive, goal-oriented, conscientious and a real team player. As a representative of our company, you ensure that you are smartly dressed when visiting the customer.

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